An ideal environment for work – and play!

Breisgau Business Park provides an excellent working environment and you can live life to the full in the beautiful Baden.

The Black Forest and the Vosges mountain range frame the Upper Rhine plain – a wonderful spot! Quality of life here is outstanding thanks to the diverse, captivating landscape, excellent cuisine, good wine, mild climate and the mentality of the people here in the 'Tuscany of Germany'. Not forgetting that the German-French-Swiss triangle is a hub of cultural wealth.



Freiburg is Germany’s most southern major city and has plenty more to offer than the famous Minster and the charming little gullies, or Bächle, that line the streets of the old town!



People have felt at home here as far back as the ancient Roman times, when they too enjoyed the healing thermal water and the breathtaking views of the Rhine plain.


Bad Krozingen

Thermal water bubbles out of the ground here with the highest carbonic acid concentrations. These thermal springs were actually discovered during the search for oil well over 100 years ago.



Heitersheim’s roots reach far back in history. The rediscovered Roman villa urbana bears particular mention. Today, it is known for its very picturesque townscape.



The historical Dr. Faustus lived in Staufen and, according to legend, was carried off by the devil – Goethe's famous play Faust was based on this historical figure. Nowadays life has settled down once again in this small town with its charming historic centre.



This is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Black Forest and is perfect for taking long walks through the countryside. The valley lies at the foot of the Belchen Mountain - visible from the Gewerbepark itself.



Silver was mined here in the past, while today this romantic small town boasts a whole host of cultural and culinary gems.