Location Advantages

Industrial Railway Siding

Gewerbepark Breisgau’s industrial railway siding is connected to the Karlsruhe-Basel Rhine Valley line. The three 'solar lines' (350 m long each) allow for good loading and shunting operations. Here, goods can be unloaded (including at night and weekends) and successfully transported on to their destination thanks to a good motorway connection. Freight space in the regularly operating freight trains can also be rented.


Gewerbepark Breisgau has its own on-site airfield for business and sport aircraft of up to 20 t . The take-off and landing runway is 1650 m long. Sufficient aircraft parking bays are available, both outdoors and in hangars. It goes without saying that there is also an aircraft fuelling station. The airfield has already attracted various aviation-related companies to Gewerbepark Breisgau.

Bridge to France

In addition to excellent road access, Gewerbepark Breisgau provides a direct link to France. At the motorway junction, a newly built bridge takes you over the river Rhine and into France. It can be used by vehicles of up to 3.5 t, as well as by pedestrians. Vehicles exceeding this weight restriction can travel across the Rhine to France at Breisach which is 20 km (12.4 miles) away.

Motorway access

From the A5 motorway Karlsruhe-Basel, you take a direct route to Gewerbepark Breisgau which avoids built-up areas. The purpose-built motorway junction 64b, Hartheim/Heitersheim/Gewerbegebiet Breisgau, is just 3 km (1.9 miles) away.  Furthermore, a state road (an 'L' road) and three district roads have been extended for easier road access to Gewerbepark Breisgau.

District heating and solar park

The Thermal Residual Waste Treatment and Energy Generation Facility (TREA) at Gewerbepark Breisgau generates electricity and provides district heating. Industries in the park that require energy in the form of heat or steam can benefit from this. The solar park at Gewerbepark Breisgau ranks among the largest ground-mounted solar plants in Southern Germany. Many companies are already benefiting from the sunny climate of Southern Baden by generating their own (solar) power.