Gewerbepark Breisgau - joint association

The main body of the joint association is the Association Assembly which takes places twice annually. Association members are represented in this assembly by political representatives.

The Chair of the association, elected for five years, is the legal representative of the group.

Association Chair:

Mayor Harald Kraus, Eschbach

Deputy Chair of the association:

Lord Mayor Dr Dieter Salomon, Freiburg
District Administrator Dorothea Störr-Ritter
Mayor Kathrin Schönberger

Responsible for:

  • Full political and financial management of the project
  • Land-use and green area plans
  • Infrastructure in terms of roads, water pipes and sewage system
  • Principles guiding the policy on establishing firms in the park
  • Buying and selling properties
  • Tasks of the municipalities in accordance with state building regulations
  • Concluding of licencing agreements
  • Specifying fees and charges