Zoning Regulations

Important building regulations in Gewerbepark Breisgau

  • Site occupancy index: 0.8
     The site occupancy index indicates how much of the site (in square meters) is allowable building area per square meter of the site as a whole.
  •  Cubic index: 5.0
     The cubic index indicates how much structural mass (in cubic meters) is permissible per square meter of the site.
  • Building height: between 12 m and 16 m (maximum)
  •  Proportion of green areas: 20%
     The proportion of green areas is calculated from the site occupancy index. These green areas should be in harmony with nature or landscaped.  In the interest of groundwater recharge, suitable measures should be adopted for the building plot to encourage infiltration of accumulating rainwater in a short cycle over a wide area across a vegetated layer of soil or via a trough system.

Residential use may be permitted by way of an exception for on-call and supervisory persons, as well as company owners and directors.
 Retail companies connected to trade or production companies are generally permitted, while independently operated retailers are only permitted in exceptional cases.
 The joint association GEwerbepark Breisgau strongly supports the use of renewable energy sources and the use of passive and active solar energy in particular.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Blattmann on +49(0)7634 5108 11.