Rural Area Development Programme (Entwicklungsprogramm Ländlicher Raum – ELR)

In the past, numerous projects for new buildings in the Breisgau Business Park have been funded using public money via the ELR development scheme for rural areas.

With this scheme, the state government follows the objective of continuing the development of living and working conditions in rural areas with measures to improve the structures available there. Breisgau Business Park is thus particularly seeking to promote private-commercial measures. Support is first and foremost given to measures and companies which promote the overall structural improvement of the Business Park and, therefore, of the districts it encompasses.  The funding measure ‘Employment’ aims, in particular, at securing  and creating jobs in small and medium-sized companies. To enter into the ELR rural development scheme, districts are required to apply (or in the case of Breisgau Business Park, the joint association is to apply following agreement from the district).

Financing is provided through a low-interest loan from L-Bank. Private measures focussing on creating employment are usually funded with up to 10% of the expenses that are eligible for funding, with an upper limit of 250,000 EUR. To be eligible companies have to have no more than 50 employees, and sales below 7 million EUR, or a balance sheet total of less than 5 million EUR.

The Ministry for Rural Areas (Ministerium Ländlicher Raum – MLR) annually publishes the planned support programme for the following year. To apply for the annual support programme, the joint association generally has to submit their application by 15th October of the previous year to the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald County District Office – the deadline is stated in the programme call.

After the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald City District Office and the Regional District Authority of Freiburg have analysed each application in terms of their need for funding in comparison with other structural development measures, the MLR will then decide on the applications. If the MLR announces that an application has been accepted and the project has been approved for the ELR programme, L-Bank will examine the application as part of the approval process. The application is approved provided that a positive decision can be met regarding the individual application to be submitted by your company. At this stage, L-Bank verifies the company’s net worth and earnings position, ensuring that the upper limits for funding are not exceeded. An application is therefore to be submitted to L-Bank prior to investment.

Beginning construction will not impair a later application approval, provided such construction is carried out in agreement with L-Bank.  The MLR must however approve the programme application. Beginning construction is nevertheless carried out at the company’s own risk and does not constitute the basis for a legal claim for a financial contribution.

To find out more about the ELR programme please go to the aforementioned websites or contact the Breisgau Business Park joint association.

The joint association applies for funding in agreement with the relevant district. The respective company must submit five copies of each of the following documents to the joint association in due time:

  • Project description for private-commercial proposals (description of the investment from an operational perspective/description of proposal)
  • Company description (brief outline of the company) to be enclosed
  • Details on the size of the company
  • Current (if the company is relocating) and future company locations
  • Details on the number of workplaces before and after investment (realistic estimation of work places is important)
  • Details on the necessity of the funding/depiction of financial situation
  • Planned investment volume (total costs of the project)
  • Scheduled implementation time frame
  • Planning status
  • Planning documents (A4 or A3 in accordance with German standards)

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Herr Möhrmann on +49(0)7634 5108 11.