Customs declarations

Customs declarations must be made at Bremgarten air traffic control.

We are only able to process customs declarations for private flights that are made at least two hours before the scheduled flight. 

For this, we need the following information:

  • Aircraft type, identification code and maximum takeoff weight
  • Name and address of the pilot in charge of the aircraft
  • Number of passengers
  • Date and time of the scheduled takeoff or landing
  • Country of origin and city

Please send the required information, preferably by email, to

Please note that Bremgarten airfield opens at 9:30am local time. For this reason, we are unable to process customs declarations for flights due to take place at 9:30am that were only made known to us by email at 7.30am, for example. 

It’s generally advisable to register morning flights the day before at the latest. Please let us know any changes to the scheduled flight as early as possible.

We are unable to process customs declarations for commercial flights! The Lörrach Main Customs Office is able to issue either temporary or long-term clearance for landing in a non-customs airport (see customs duties/German police force).